I have a journalism background and a serious geek streak. Queries on any of the services below are welcomed.

Writing Projects
Editing: Substantive editing (comprehensive analysis of content, organization and style) and line editing for nonfiction writing projects, including magazine articles, essays, book proposals/manuscripts and online content.

I work closely with authors, providing detailed comments, queries and suggestions. I’m particularly knowledgeable in the areas of politics, history, feminism, social technology and urban issues. When it comes to copy editing, I’m a master of AP Style and Chicago Manual of Style.

Research: At the beginning stages of a book project (or not quite sure where to begin)? I know how to find and present data so it’s useful, not overwhelming, and can locate and interview expert sources on any topic.

Web Stuff
Blog Development and Writing
: Maybe you’ve been told, “You should blog!” — but you have no idea how to get started or how to make your blog stand out among the gazillions. I’ve presented at numerous conferences and workshops on what blogs can (and can’t) do for an organization (or individual) and how to integrate and make the most of social media tools.

I can provide an hour-long training session or a soup-to-nuts site development, working with excellent designers. I also offer coaching on writing for online audiences. For more details, please see blogs and blogging.

Social Media Strategy: Maybe blogs aren’t what you need — or they are, but you’re also wondering about Twitter … or Flickr. And what is Facebook used for these days? If these questions are keeping you up at night, let’s discuss whether any of these platforms are a good match, and what you can expect to put in/get out of them. One client called it “social media therapy.” Much like a good counselor, I’m here to help you determine how best to spend your time and resources.

Information Organization: As author Clay Shirky says, the problem isn’t information overload — it’s filter failure. That might sound confusing at first, but once you start working with the right tools, you’ll no longer feel as though essential news and information is flying by, too fast to track. I’ll customize a smart news and social media management system for you or your organization that you’ll actually enjoy using — and you’ll wonder how you managed so long without it. I’m also enthusiastic about wikis and other collaborative project management tools that get everyone on the same page (often literally).